The Five Best Songs in my Playlist

I used to be so greedy about good songs. Whenever I found an incredible sound, or an awesome artist, I almost didn’t share the precious secret to anyone, not even to my closest friends. Weird, right? It’s for the same reason that I didn’t easily get impressed by top-of-the-chart songs, or artists for that matter. I didn’t like famous songs or famous artists. I used to hate it when a song so good becomes really street famous. It used to annoy me so much when I hear just anyone sing so recklessly about a work so genius. But I realized that no matter what I do, I could never stop a good song from being loved by people. It’s justice. Every good music, like grace, should be preached around the world.

So here’s a list of the best songs I have so far known, and counting (I am going to update this list in the coming days). I am no good singer but I believe in my capability of discerning what’s a good song and what’s not. But of course, I do not delete the relativity of the word “good” as what is good to me may not be the same as your standard of “good”. I heard it once said that you can judge a person by his playlist. You can freely judge me after reading this, but at least give me a chance.

So, Lo and behold, the five best songs in Carleen’s playlist (in no particular order):

1. Forgiveness by Matthew West

It’s easy to sing about love when you are in love, even if it’s the kind of love that breaks, but when it comes to forgiveness, it is one very challenging word. But this song has nailed it. Almost all people find it hard to forgive but this song makes a very daunting task much more bearable. The song is mesmerizing because the lyrics preaches a very very strong word but it is not heavy to listen to. It hits your heart hard, but it doesn’t hurt. Instead, it soothes, it cheers you up. It makes you tell yourself, “Yes, I can forgive.”

The melody and rhythm are beautifully harmonized by the strong yet balanced vocal style of Matthew West. I particularly love the choir–it made the preaching in this song so powerful and igniting.

2. For Once In My Life by Stevie Wonder

I am an old soul. I could write another set of “best songs” list and include old songs only. I’ll forever be amazed of the genius of  Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Four Seasons, Dan Fogelberg, and the list could go a long way, and yes, Stevie Wonder.

For Once In My Life is still the best feel-good music for me. Its lyrics is just so joyful and so hopeful; it will lift someone’s heart. And it’s not just the lyrics, Stevie Wonder’s voice was the magic in the song. I couldn’t think of this song being sung by another voice. I wonder if it would still be as good as uncle Stevie’s.

3. When A Heart Breaks by Ben Rector

This song–it will break your heart if you’re well, and it will heal you if you’re broken. How cool is that? Anyway, when I heard this song, I knew Ben Rector was worth following. So I followed him, but I kept it to myself for a time. I wanted the glory of knowing such a good singer all to myself. But I had enough glory which I celebrated alone, so it’s time to share away.

I don’t know about you, but when I heard this song, it automatically led me to its artist. I there and then felt obliged to become Ben Rector’s fan, because the song is just so good. It’s sad but it won’t make you sad. It’s the kind of sad that cheers you up.

4. I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

Yes, I know right? This Mr. Mraz is particularly famous and I hated famous. But let’s give the man justice. He’s the exception to the rule. He’s good. I love him no matter how famous he becomes.

I Won’t Give Up is one of those songs that annoyed me big time, because when it was released, it sprouted everywhere! This is the kind of song that I would have greedily kept to myself, but I can almost hear it from everywhere. I went to a shopping mall once, and it was played over the PA. How disappointing is that? But I still loved it. I still love Jason even if he is mainstream. His songs never compromised quality.

What I love particularly about I Won’t Give Up is the heart in it–its honesty and sincerity that has not been stained by the need to commercialize.  And yes, I should not forget to mention Jason Mraz’s perfect voice–it  completes the equation.

5. Feels Like Home by Chantal Kreviazuk

When I gave birth to my beautiful baby Gabe, Feels Like Home is the only song that played in my mind. The words in the song are not very uncommon. But the way Chantal sung it, and the way she uttered the words, it’s so truthful. It’s so pure and innocent that I thought of singing it to my baby on his very first breath on earth. The harmony, melody and the rhythm of the song perfectly collided with the lyrics and with the message the song wanted to portray. Whenever I hear this song, I feel comforted, I feel loved, and I feel more capable of loving.

So there you go, you can judge me now. But not so soon. This is just five songs. You cannot yet know me by just five songs. I’ll soon add to this list. Maybe make it twenty or so. By then, you can really and honestly judge me like a book uncovered. Thanks for reading. See you on my next blogpost!



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