It is one thing to listen to music, one thing to sing along; but it is an entirely different thing to know music as it deserves to be known. Every song, every musical score deserved a lot more than just being listened to, because every song ever written, every musical arrangement ever orchestrated is a work of genius.

Man has invented so many awesome things in the world, but nothing proves our dominance among other species more than our ability to make music, and appreciate it. It is critical thinking, conscience, and emotion intertwined into one. Nothing in this world has made us better humans than our songs and our dances.

This blog is dedicated to celebrate music. I am passionate about writing written songs and about the people who wrote them because I believe that songs are not only meant to be sung-along with; it is meant to be known.

Follow me on my journey to loving music more by knowing every lyric, every melody and tone, every singer and songwriter, and all the glorious stories underneath.


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